About him

Wait a second, take a deep breath, this is not your usual guy. You may find his words tough; but without compromise, he is Odupong; Odupong Agyapong Atta-Agyapong the great one; mighty in his works and admirer of good problems. What doesn’t provoke his faculties is none of his care. He simply loves winning; winning for his people with great humility

He means it when he says, be ye thankful for your adversities for they are the potters of your life! Will the stars still shine and the moon relevant without the seeming darkness (night) that surround them? With certainty, he says No! For the purpose of the burning flame is not to destroy the gold but to refine it; thus, deep within every adversity lies unnumbered opportunities.

Family Upbringing

Born a twin among 8 siblings, raised by uneducated parents whose living was sustained on subsistence farming, his story, like many other persons in Ghana is most unlikely. His parents were similarly raised by uneducated parents in a small farming town, Bechem in the  now Ahafo Region. It is in this farming town he was born. 

But his parents, notwithstanding their adversities had a greater vision for their children. They were clear in their imagination what they wanted for their kids, to be enrolled in the best of schools, and thus, relocated to Sunyani, the capital of the present day Bono Region in persuit of their vision. 


Today, blinded to his adversities, and empowered by the visions of his parents, he has not only attained a degree in economics (KNUST), Masters degree in Economic Policy Management (University of Ghana), and Bachelor of Law (and currently a Part 1 student of the Professional Law program at the Ghana School of Law) but through humility, courage under tough skin, he has influenced the lives of many in his country and around the world.


He is probably an Economist (if you like) with specialization in Business Structuring & Development. As a cofounder of Credly Consult, he grows by leveraging on his business growth strategies to help the people he loves most achieve sustainable measurable short & long term value creation. As a Business Consultant, he has worked closely with people of all races , and has directly and indirectly participated in the structuring and development of Growth Systems of a number of projects. Generally, as a balanced act, he has built relationships directly with a good number of government leaders, corporations CEOs and their respective CFOs.


You have been told to think outside the box. But what if there’s no box? Will you still be able to figure it out? That is Odupong, he who does not need your box to think. He forms everything out of nothing ! 

He is currently the CEO of  EMC, an infrastructural investment company in Ghana, having built it through its milestones.

Systems, Processes & People

Odupong is the great & mighty tree in the forest, planted at the bank of the only River in the forest, under whose shade the people come to take their rest. He believes in People! He believes in Systems & Processes; that, if the people will follow proven Systems & Processes, they will see Power!  To him, businesses fail to grow not because of non-performing workforce but the lack of laid down workable models. If the workforce follow wrong orders, the system will still fail no matter how hard they work.

Odupong says, if you choose to rest & follow a process that is already proven you will duplicate a particular result. In this age of the world, getting the right results is contagious. The world needs results and not excuses. The advantage he has is; knowing the right things to do, in the right order and at the right time to produce the needed results. 

His goal therefore is to help people to figure out how they can build successful  businesses and career that work for them at the least input of a given resource while achieving discretionary income.

You prayed for a destiny helper, now you have found him, talk to him now! 

Join him!